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Joey's Family & Friends
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Joey has 3 brother's (Ray,Robert and Ivan) and 4 sister's (Heather,Melissa,Erica and Maggie) . Two of Joey's brother's Ray and Ivan he never got to meet. Although Joey alway's talked about wanting to meet them. Joey did meet his sister Erica in 2003, one thing that Joey was amazed about Erica was how beautiful she is. Although Joey has a special bond with all of his family, no one holds the place of Robert. Robert and Joey are 3 yrs apart. When they were younger they were inseperable. Although Robert was alway's doing something to get Joey in trouble, for some reason that never seemed to matter to Joey.
In Joey's eye's Robert was alway's right, he alway's wanted to consult with Robert on everything even when they grew up. As for Joey's sister's he loved to agravate them all the time, alway's slapping them and just wanting a response from them and when he got one, he was satisfied.
Joey has 5 niece's (Heather,Ranee,Yvonne,Kristian and Bailey) and 4 nephew's (Josh,Collin,Sam and Kyle ) Like I said befor, Joey was close to all his family,but Joey and Ranee have a special bond probably because they were only 1yr 9mo. apart there's nothing that either one wouldn't do for the other. Joey was alway's there for Ranee like on her junior prom when her date backed out the week befor prom,Joey was there for her escorting her there,now that's a bond! Joey loved Yvonne because she is tough and he could really play fight with her and she wouldn't cry or run away, she would actually give him some back. Knowing what a fragile person Kristian is Joey alway's wanted to protect her, keeping her from ever being hurt. As for Bailey ,Joey loved playing with her and watching "Sponge Bob". That bring's me to his nephew's Collin and Sam. Joey loved video games and he really enjoyed being able to show Collin and Sam trick's and thing's that no one hardley knew about. As you can tell Joey is just a Big Kid and that's why playing with Kyle was something he looked for to doing alot.
Joey also has a sister-in-law Cassie and brother-in-law David whom he is extremly close to. Joey was alway's wanting to help Dave, like around the house and when Dave would work on the car's,well maybe not so much with working on the car's but you get the idea. As for Cassie well Joey loves her just like his own sister's, he loved agravating her in the same way's wanting that response that's all it took to make him happy.
Joey has a big extended  family also, actually a couple of them. The first are they Mahan's Doreen and Wayne.  Joey is pretty tight with Wayne he's like another brother to Joey. If he ever needed anything he could alway's call him. Joey went to Wayne for advise on car audio stuff and just to talk also. Wayne alway's understood Joey and alway's will he is a great friend to Joey and Doreen well let's see Joey loved making her mad just like all the other women in the family. It doesn't take much to get her going and Joey worked on that alot. Joey's other extended family is the Glossinger's mainly Michael I think. Joey and Mike are really close. Joey loved watching movies with  Michael ,running around and getting drunk. Michael is a good friend to Joey next to Robert I think Michael is his best friend. Michael's Mom and Dad Connie and Walter were also special to Joey. They treated Joey like a son and Joey loved  and respected them for that.
Joey has many other friend's some of who I know and some I don't . I'm very sorry if your reading this and do not find that I have listed you. It's not because you weren't special to Joey it's  proably just because I don't personally know who you are. Some of Joey's friend's that I do know are Patrick, Matt, Mike, Christina, Shortie, Matt Poll. You guy's were good friend's to Joey and you deserve to mentioned in here. Maybe ya'll did thing's we wouldn't have approved of but then again what kid doesn't . Joey loved ya'll very much and treasured your guy's friend-ship. Never forget Joey and the times you guy's had alright because I know he never will.


This picture is of Joey's mom,dad,brother's and sister's.