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Here is a litte information about Joey:  Joey was born in Bakersfield California in 1984. Joey attended Longfellow and Iceler Elementry schools. In April on 1995 Joey's whole family made a drastic move from Califonia where they all are from to Fort Smith Arkansas. Joey attending I believe one year of elementry school in Arkansas and Chaffin Jr. High and then I.A.C.E. where Joey graduated in 2001. Joey knew alot about the Bible I suppose he learned most of it there at I.A.C.E. He would really get into some heated discussion's about it, I remember thinking at one time "He might grow up and become a Preacher". Well that didn't happen but anyway's. Mr Brian and Mrs Leslie thought Joey alot about Jesus and who is and what he's done for us. In 1996 Joey was baptised at the "First Baptist Church-Barling".

Joey worked many little job's in his teen's some of them are "Pizza Parlor", "Gringo's", "Calico County" and many other's that I just don't know, but the job that Joey enjoyed most was the one he had done for the last 2 yrs off and on. The fishing boat in Alaska. I think the reason Joey enjoyed it so much was because he was with his Dad and he got to see another part of the world. It was hard work Joey alway's told us that but he kept going back for more. I'm sure if you look around that boat today you could see Joey still workind there,except when it is clean up day's Joey hatted to work thoes day's. Joey's Dad said Joey tought all of the younger guy's on the boat how to dance like he does and how to play video game's like he does too. Even at work Joey played alway's wanting to have fun.



Just a few Movie's that Joey liked

Here's some movies Joey enjoyed:
        My Dog Skip (made him cry a little,but sheee don't tell anyone)
        Fast and Furious
        Adam Sandler movies
        Will Smith movie

Joey enjoyed a variety of music these are just a few.

       Switchfoot (Joey's favorit right now)

this song is from robert to joey

"Joey 2004"
Here's Joey doing what he loves to do, make people smile.