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Alaska 2004
This was taken from the boat Joey worked on in Alaska,

Here in this web site you will find all sorts of thing's out about Joey. I hope this helps everyone who is missing and grieving for the loss of such a special person. Joey will alway's be missed dearly by his family and friends.
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From the time Joey was just a  little guy he has alway's been a very loving and free spirited person. Anyone who know's Joey know's how much compassion and understanding Joey has. My oldest daughter Ranee and my niece Yvonne are only 2 and 2 1/2 yrs younger then Joey. I can remember when ever my sister or I would get onto the girl's and if they would cry Joey would cry too. If Joey thought they were gonna get a spanking he would say " Don't spank them". Joey just had a big heart. I remember once when he was oh maybe 9 or 10 him and Robert would alway's go and ride they're bikes on the trail's and there were homeless people around there,( goss mom alway's worried about him, he'd talk to anyone) and one time when him and Robert went riding Joey took the homeless some canned food's and a can opener and would give them close he had so they wouldn't be cold or have to wear old clothes. Joey never met a stranger alway's seeing the best in everyone even if there wasn't anything to see. If there's one thing I've learned from my brother is to love people for who they are not who you want them to be, although at time's that is a hard thing to do.

Joey loved life and all it had to offer him. He lived it to the fullest he could. Never letting anyone or anything hold him back. If there was something Joey wanted to do he did it even if it wasn't right,alway's thinking of the concequences last. Robert,mom and I usto talk to Joey till we were blue in the face and all Joey would say is " I wanna live and have a fun ". And that I do believe Joey did, as maybe more of us should.

Joey is the light of our lives. Alway's acting crazy making all of us laugh. Just the crap he say's is nut's only Joey could say and do stuff like that. There's not a time I can remember when Joey walked into a room and couldn't make the saddest or maddest person laugh or smile befor he left. There's never a dull moment when Joey is around. Although Joey is our family heart break he is also the light in our lives.

There's not a person Joey has ever met that he didn't bring something into there live's. Joey touched each and everyone of us in his own special way and in that way Joey will live on forever through us.


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